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Services 4.0

We have a professional team to help you with a lot of projects and support your demands. We are makers, philosophers, educators, programmers and we are proud of our work

3D Printing Consulting


We have professionals with extensive expertise in modeling and preparation of models for rapid prototyping using 3D printing techniques. In addition, we guide our customers to purchase equipment that meets their needs or follow the creation process, from conception using modeling software, to final printing.



From 3D to prototypes! We have solutions for your miniatures and game props. Talk with us and get a better solution for your needs! (Pic by Fabiano Sousa)

Game Assets


We specialize in creating assets for games, from characters, vehicles, equipment also even entire environments. We specialize in voxels, pixel art, and 3D modeling if you want to turn these assets into models that can also be printed in 3D. If your company wants something with a more retro style, more '80s, we can also meet your designs!

Games and Code Factory

If you need a piece of code, a game template, or even a complete game, you have come to the right place! We have professionals who work with software like Unreal Engine, Construct 3, or even programming languages like Java, C ++, or C #. In addition, we work with projects in the area of educational games, for corporate training or the classroom.

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