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What is Landships?


Some Game Miniatures

Landships is a tactical wargame of miniatures where each player commands an army of steam units in fights by fame and fortune in Artrusia, the same world where Scavengers wargame takes place. The game takes place where factions fights each other in a cold war status. In these basic rules we will work with two initial factions: orcs and humans.

The game was designed around three core premises.:

a) You can buy and download our rules and 3D models - We thinking a lot about 3d printing, and we believe in this idea.Thus, if you like to help the game dev, please buy and download our models! For this visit:

b) It is important that the miniatures on the table be the focus of the game. In the end, miniature gaming should be about miniatures (and fun!)

c) A large background - We´ll develop new units, histories and game scenarios. But we need your help, sending suggestions to improve the game!

Our idea is a “living lore”, whats is that? Our game community supplt us with battle reports and we put this reports in the game lore. (see Living lore section)

I hope you like our game and have fun! Ahh, an important thing: this is the first module, covering airships combat our idea is release other modules to improve the game! Please support us!

What do you need to play?

a) Miniatures - Each miniature represents one landship, or special units.

b) A table - for a simple battle a table with 90x90cm. A game mate is a cool idea to improve your gaming session.

c) Tape ruler and markers - A simple tape ruler in inches and centimeters. All distances in this game are in inches, but you easily convert to centimenters (1 inch = 2,5 cm).

Some explosion/special markers are in inches too. We give to you paper markers and counters for playing (but we have 3d printing models!)

d) Dices - a bunch of 6 sides dices called d6 for action rolls. A Scatter sice for Advanced Rules

RELEASE DATE: April 2019!

Tsay Tunned with our dev log!

Orcs Tin Boys Steam Mechs

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