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Steampork Game System on the way!

Atualizado: 16 de jan. de 2019

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Orcs and Humans Fighting in Titanics Battles!

Steampork is a tactical table top miniature war game system, designed for novice and experienced players.The game is easy system to learn and play, though there is enough depth that it will take time and experience to master. This is a 1/300 (6mm) steampunk wargame set in the fantastic world of Artrusia, where orcs, humans and other races fight each other. The main feature of this game is that the miniatures are made to be printed in 3D printers. The player buys the files and can print as many times as he wants. Our goal is to take advantage of these new technologies for wargames and give the player more diverse and cheaper options regarding the miniatures. We are aware that it is a new technology, but we want to go ahead and serve an audience that is already using 3D printing to play.

The game was designed around three core premises.:

a) You can buy and download our 3D models - We thinking a lot about 3d printing, and we believe in this idea.Thus, if you like to help the game dev, please buy and download our models! The miniatures for 3d printing will be release qith the corebooks. Stay Tuned!

b) It is important that the miniatures on the table be the focus of the game. In the end, miniature gaming should be about miniatures (and fun!).

c) A large background - We´ll develop new units, histories and game scenarios. But we need your help, sending suggestions to improve the game! Our idea is a “living lore”, whats is that? Our game community supplt us with battle reports and we put this reports in the game lore. (see Living lore section) I hope you like our game and have fun! Ahh, an important thing: we have 3 great modules, and our main idea is release next year. Let´s talk about them!

The First Module covering terrestrial units with hreat landships, steam tanks, big steam mechs, robots, etc.

This is the second module, covering airships combat with flying airships, aerial special units and fantastic creatures!

This is the third module, covering naval combat with battleships, ironclads and dreadnaughts!

The game will cover two great factions : humans and orcs, but we have another factions like: “Steam Beardies” (dwarves), Lords of Beyond (Fantastical Creatures comming from other dimensions, like Cthulhu Mythos) and an alien race similar with the HG Wells Martians; The Tripedem.

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