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In the 80s, when I was a teenager, precisely in 1985, I was introduced to a blue book with a dragon on the cover with the simple title Dungeons and Dragons. I didn’t know what it was, but after I found out, my life changed. It was like opening a secret treasure, an ancient spellbook of magic, and it could satisfy my hunger for creating things to even play with my friends. I soon discovered the art of Dungeon Mastering, and it guided my life and my profession (I am a designer of electronic games and board games). In those golden years, I lived many adventures, I was introduced to several RPG systems (I miss Star Frontiers), and in addition, I started creating adventures and later my first games.

For almost 13 years, it was like that until the second edition came, of which I played a lot, but I definitely stopped playing RPG in 1998. I did not play the third edition, the fourth edition, and I was not interested in the fifth. I thought RPG would only be electronic, and I would never see a table like DM again.

Then I heard about the Retroclones, the attempt to relive the old days. It started to move me, to instigate me, but it was not enough to make me want to play again. It was then that in 2019 I was introduced to the OSR movement.
That was a bomb. What was going on? Did the people go back to playing as they did in my time? I want to understand this. I saw that it was the purest truth, and I suddenly took the books off my shelf and started creating. In the year 2020, despite the pandemic, was when I started launching various RPG materials in Brazil and something on the international market. I brought back many things, old projects, properly updated, and in the year 2021,

We propose to produce adventure modules, sourcebooks, fast consumption material that you can use in your adventures. The Plebeian is our biweekly zine from which we will announce our game material (free and commercial). We want to give you player and master something you can use in your game for free (if you want to contribute anything, this material is in the “pay what you want”  model, but it is not mandatory.)

Our adventure begins here. We have already taken our iron rations, rope, backpack, torches and are armed with courage and audacity. We hope that our work can bring something very cool to your RPG table.


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