Vectoria Studios is an a Brazilian design studio that creates serious and business games for great companies in Brazil. The main focus is on boardgames and gamification solutions.



Professional Modeling and miniatures dioramas. Partner in some projects in games likes Gaslands, Autokill and other cool things.


Broken Legion of Gamers - Channel about games with reviews, unboxings, 3D printing, and products in general for players. An excellent option for you.



"Televised Carnage is a channel dedicated to tabletop wargaming. As a father with a full time job I value your time therefore; I will strive to present all of my content in a concisely." - From the channel

Some cool reviews!


From James Moseley owner from Monster Customs


" I have been creating custom Vehicles for tabletop combat for the last couple of years. I also produce YouTube content on a weekly basis showing techniques that I use and specific builds. My content is aimed towards the creative and art side of the hobby rather than the gaming. As a commission builder and painter I have created custom vehicles for players in both the UK and abroad. From buggies to War Rigs and some weird and wonderful creations as well.


I am on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I also sell my creations on eBay worldwide."



Gigoia Studios is an independent studio that creates fine arts games for museums, art installations in virtual reality, a virtual 3D gallery for artists, and ambient soundtracks.


Star Palm Games creates retro 3D Sci-Fi games.

We love exploration, puzzle,  platform games with other worldly environments. Our influences:

Aeon Flux, Animatrix, Cris Foss, Moebius, Druillet, 3DO, Cyberpunk, Philip K. Dick, Beyond the Mind's Eye, Amiga, low-fi 3D.


Founded by Carlos Monteiro (Designer, Game, and multidisciplinary Artist).